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Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV produces and distributes aloe leaves, also called sabila leaves or savila leaves. 

Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV produces and markets first quality aloe leaves.

The aloe leaf may have different uses at home.

It can be used as a food of excellent nutritional value and also used for cosmetic purposes, beauty, personal care and home care or other home use options. The aloe leaves can be used as food in various forms. For example, aloe leaves maybe cut into small cubes and added to yogurt for a nutritious breakfast. Aloe leaves maybe cut into larger pieces or fillets and then processed in a mixer or blender to obtain a smoothie or just prepare a smoothie with other fruits of the season. Aloe juice and lemon juice make an authentic and true Aloemonade(TM).

The aloe leaf can be used for cosmetic and personal care purposes. The aloe leaf has multiple uses in everyday life. It is used on small wounds and minor cuts. It is also used as a refreshing gel on skin which has suffered high exposure to sunlight. In fact, aloe leaves have many uses in a person's life.

There are people who put aloe in swollen eyes, and those who do spa with aloe juice at home, even those who use aloe to mix with the shampoo and thus avoid hair loss.

There are many reasons and benefits to using aloe vera leaves from Mr. Aloe Vera(TM)

In the pages of this site you will find a long list of benefits and properties of aloe vera as well as various uses of aloe leaf for food, beverages, personal care, hygiene and cosmetics, among other uses.

Product description


UPC: N / A

PLU: 93064

Cases: Approx.25 lbs.

Taste: Vegetable characteristic of aloe. The aloe latex, aloe sap or yellow aloe exudate, present between the gel and the peel of the aloe leaf, has a very bitter taste.

Leaf Selection: We offer aloe leaves with firmness and without fungi.

Ethylene Production: No

Ethylene Sensitivity: No

Shelf life: 4 - 5 weeks

Availability: All year round

Origin: Sonora, Mexico

Storage temperature: 45-50 F

Conservation Humidity: 85--90%


Pallet configuration

Cases per level: 6

Number of levels: 9

Total cases per pallet: 54


Aloe: A fresh Produce from Mexico

Certified Organic

The aloe leaves of Mr. Aloe Vera(TM) are certified organic, with certification issued by the company BioAgricert from Italy. We have certification of the aloe leaves under the NOP-USDA system of the United States, European Union system, Canada-COR system and IFOAM system.

You can see our certificates here.

NOP-USDA certificate.