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Nature gives us everything.

But above all, it has given us the aloe, a healthy and beneficial plant to human being.

For over six thousand years, aloe accompanied humans, offering a variety of uses in different cultures around the world.

Since the earliest civilizations, man gets benefits of aloe in different ways. Cleopatra developed the first spa of aloe known in history. Dioscorides and Ibn-Sina discovered dozens of medicinal uses for aloe. Alexander the Great conquered the island of Socotra to get aloe supplies to heal the wounded warriors in battle. Christopher Columbus brought to America four indispensable elements for the trip: aloe, olives, grapes and wheat. It shows that aloe always has been with humans.

But in the last 50 years, research and studies on aloe deepened. There are nearly 4,000 studies, reports and scientific researches on aloe worldwide today. And the aloe is no longer that simple plant to keep handy in the house if someone suffered burns. It is much more.

Aloe has a number of properties that have allowed it to be used in a variety of processes and in numerous industries. Since its first introduction into the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to food, beverages, personal hygiene products and cleaning, aloe has ventured into new industrial sectors and still has some way to go in new demanding sectors with huge potential for growth and industrial upgrading.

Today, we bring that single element -aloe leaves- to millions consumers in the world.

Our aloe leaves are really a serious matter for your healthy lifestyle. So we called them Mr. Aloe Vera(TM)

Our aloe leaves are organically grown in several plantations located in the Mayo Valley, in the Southern part of the Sonora desert, in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Along this site you may find information on the aloe plant, aloe benefits, aloe properties, aloe uses and many aloe recipes for your convenience. is a website owned by Aloe Eco Park SAPI de CV, a leading aloe company from Mexico.

We hope you enjoy our Mr. Aloe Vera(TM)

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